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On 21st June 1982 Diana brought a healthy baby in to the world. Hurrah, it was a boy! William, the heir to the throne! Her hotel room was like a sea of flowers, red roses everywhere. The Princess was totally exhausted, but very, very happy. It was a difficult birth, which took a very long time.
Even in the same year Diana became pregnant again. Charles reacted to the news with excitement. He obtained complete works about pregnancy and babies. He did not want to hear again the accusation that he could not understand the problems of an expectant mother. He fervently hoped for a cute little girl.
But on 15th September 1984 the second son Prince Harry, weighing 3118g, was born.

Like every young mother Diana played and romped around with her boys, and was very careful that the nanny didn't have too much of an influence.There was no childish fun that she had not joined in with : roller skating on the long corridors in Kensington Palace, jellybaby eating competitions, log flume rides or dressing-up as ghosts using bedsheets. Sometimes the three even secretly annoyed the old servants by always hiding certain objects.





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